Community Activities

KING OF AFRICA SAFARIS AND TREKKING BELIEVES IN GIVING BACK to the communities that share their homeland with us by investing in their future through providing, books and supplies to local children, and financial support to various students and environmental groups.

King of Africa Safaris & Trekking donated 3,000 trees to various Primary Schools in Arusha for planting in the school compound. 500 of these trees were planted with students on the first day.

We believe this benefits both the community and environment. It is a great way to teach young kids about the importance of trees to the atmosphere, and gives out skills to plant them.

Our Company also constructed new toilets for the students and teachers of various Primary Schools in Moshi and Arusha Region. Together we prepared the materials, designed and constructed flushing toilets. Previously the school was using pit latrines constructed many years ago.

We did also provide sports gears for the schools. (jersey, shoes, socks, balls etc)

Specifically, our projects are to...

1) Provide education materials, classroom furniture and sport equipment.
2) Builds new classroom, toilets and teachers houses.
3) Sends teachers on training courses.

Many thanks to our clients for making all these possible!
Our company can assist/arrange with any gifts/donations would like to help.

*** CLEAN WATER IS FOR ALL,our current community project within the Arusha Region is helping out those who are in need of clean water. Will soon start drilling boreholes to various community villages.

We are now seeking donations from various people/sponsors/good samaritan/family and friends etc to make this possible.
If you would like to help us achieve our goals, please send/make a donation to us.


The Pamoja Foundation is a non-profit, mission-based organization dedicated to supporting & providing needs of people in the rural areas of Arusha and nearby regions. It supports multiple projects to ensure the population meets basic, human needs such as shelter, food, education & medical care. The Pamoja Foundation is affiliated with King of Africa Safaris & Trekking, which helps fund its projects. Dr. Frank Kaaya, a Tanzanian, is the head of operations for both entities.

The Pamoja Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of professionals deeply committed to the mission and the work of the foundation. Our esteemed board members include:

• Dr. Frank Kaaya, Principal and events coordinator
• Pam Whitmann, Innovative Schools Network
• Dr. Timothy Scott: Author, Singer, Educator, Storyteller

Just drop us an e-mail with what you have in mind and our experienced team will answer all your questions in just a few hours or even minutes....