The Core Values We Live By?

We are a superlative organization which assists clients realize their travel expectations with eye opening travel experiences coupled with tourism for tomorrow. We are dedicated in providing education and outreach services that help travelers, students groups and related organizations support environmental conservation and protect cultural heritage while promoting cross-cultural understanding and economic development.

The commitment coupled with professionalism of our service and management team are aimed at always surpassing every clients expectations.


Our safaris are just different from what you are used to! Why? We make that ride not just a fairground twirl, but something that you can enjoy throughout your tour. There many reasons as to why clients choose to travel with us, we have a soft spot when it comes to tours and travel, whatever the destination, period, season, and travel needs; we are able to lay out a remarkable tour. This is because we believe that this country’s conservation efforts can be, this drives us to offer the best packages in Africa unparalleled and unequalled by any travel or tour company.

Our experience in handling groups and the well laid out packages has proven to be the key why we are better every day.

Our assurance is that we inspect each property on various things starting with security, cleanliness and food, you rest easy knowing you are safe and secure with our professional guides and tour leaders accompanying every group. Director support from when you start the tour preparations to when the tour actually takes off… you will be with the help of a toursManager who will understand all your needs and he will be with your group 24 hours a day. ToursManager are committed to making your tour the best it can be. We try to match our tour directors to groups based on similar interests and abilities hence creating enthusiasm for learning outside of the classroom. OurTours Manager are not there to simply shuttle your group from one activity to another; they stay with you throughout the tour assisting you with travel logistics, best sightseeing and allowing you to spend more time enjoying the tour and interaction.

We offer high standard for educational and cultural experiences, monetary value and customer satisfaction. On every tour we issue a questionnaire that helps us collect feedback from our clients.

We,understands the hustle of the tour-planning process hence supporting you the entire way. From tour consultants and customer service representatives to directors and operational professionals, our extensive, highly trained team of travel experts works together to ensure that your tour is a safe, smooth and worry-free experience for you and your travelers.

We provide support and personal visits to discuss any issues before and after the tour.

Meet Our Team

Mr. Gideone Lameck
Managing Director

Mr. Frank Kaaya
Director of Operations

Mr. Martin Mallya
Marketing Manager

Miss Amina Mziray
Reservation Manager

Mr. Charles
Safari Guide

Mr. Mosess Adam
Kilimanjaro Climbing Guide

Mr. Anold Molay
Kilimanjaro Climbing Guide